Everything I do and make comes from my enthusiasm for ceramics. A hobby that started in a community college’s ceramic class in the autumn of 1995 has today shaped part of my lifestyle. Using the pottery wheel has been a pleasant and challenging thing to do from the beginning and it still is. Products are individual since I make every product as a handicraft mostly by using the pottery wheel as well as some products I build by hand. The clay quality that I use on dishes is stoneware. When the dishes are baked in high temperature they get a tight structure and durable appearance. They can be used in an oven and dish washer.

The thought of beautiful objects that can be used controls my way of making and my designs. A handprint can also be clearly visible because I think it is part of the beauty. Products consist of; mugs, bowls, soaps, cups etc. On top of that, seasonal products available in spring/summer include; herb pots (made of white and red clay) and in autumn/winter candle holders and platforms.

I make every product completely as a handicraft and every one of my products has some specific intended use. When I got my own oven in spring 2009 my long-term hobby was transformed into handicraft entrepreneurship. My products were given the name “Tuias” which refers to my name.

Welcome and please explore!
Tuija Koponen

(Picture: Petra Veikkola)